Crazy Ginger Princess
I am ashamed of him right now

talking about  john barrowman

[5:45:53 AM] Princess Nick : he’s lovely…..I should send you things…
[5:48:47 AM]thatguyyeahhim : eh
[5:49:48 AM] Princess Nick : but he’s a sexy bitch.
[5:49:56 AM] Princess Nick : Like crazy sexy
[5:49:57 AM]  thatguyyeahhim: he’s ok
[5:50:02 AM] thatguyyeahhim: not crazy hot
[5:50:05 AM]thatguyyeahhim : but not ugly

are we looking at he the same guy here?

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  3. thatguyyeahhim answered: Nice body. Face kinda derp.
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